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American Bulldog Spare Tire Cover

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American Bulldog Spare Tire Cover on Black Vinyl

American Bulldog Spare Tire Cover.

According to facts, the bulldog breed was originally bred to drive cattle to market and compete in a bloddy sport called bullbaiting.  These medium sized companions are great for families.  They are affectionate dogs who are gentle towards children.  They love to take small walks followed by naps and snuggles.  

Bulldogs are not great with other breeds of dogs.  They have a tempermant about them.  They are however family and kid friendly dogs and are for the most part friendly towards strangers.  They do a decent amount of drooling but are easy to groom with their short hair.  They overall have a good health with minor issues. Bulldogs are a little harder to train so patience is key.  They do lack in the intelligence department and have a tendency to bark or howl.  Their energy level is low bit still require some form of exercise.  They are playful creatures!

Bulldogs can weigh anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds living 8 to 12 years.  

Are you a dog lover? In particular do you own a American Bulldog? Show your love for the American Bulldog with a spare tire cover featuring a full face of this breed.

Available in most tire sizes

You must remember that we have a large assortment of tire cover logos so you might have a difficult time choosing between them all. We care about our customers and our main purpose is to satisfy their demands. Please be aware that your order will have track numbers available in 7-10 days from the date your order is placed. This means you will receive tracking information this necessarily mean that it will be deliver in 7-10 days.  Please note this difference.  We make each and every order on demand.  Your order goes through several stages before it can be shipped out.  Please be patient as we are working on your order.  To learn more about the processes that go into your product visit our About Tire Covers page. 

Nowadays we have great opportunities to satisfy your demands with the high quality custom made products. We are proud to present our wonderful choices of tire covers to you. Without a doubt we are the leading company in this hemisphere for custom made tire covers.



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Tire Size Chart

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Commercial Grade Vinyl
UV Resistant Inks




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