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Here at TireCovers.com we are an all in one company.  We hire real people to perform the everyday tasks of getting your products out to you.  We do everything in house and don't buy our covers pre-made from another foreign country like the competition does.  We aren't a pull and ship company that buys imported products to get products shipped out in 2 days. As you will see below it takes time to create your custom made tire cover and we put our hearts into every product that we sell and ship. This will hopefully help you understand why our lead times are 5-10 business days before they ship. Most of the time it's quicker but when we get busy we have to make sure quality control and time are on our side to ensure a quality product. We hope that the images below give you an understanding of how our products are made. We are proud to say that we use the best quality materials in all of our tire covers.  We would love to hear from you and please tell us about your experience with our Company by emailing us at contact@tirecovers.com  

Tire Cover Vinyl Cutting Table

First we measure and cut the vinyl for your
order on our vinyl cutting table

 Tire Cover Screen Printing

The vinyl is then screen printed several different times
depending on how many colors make up the design

Screen Printing Screens

We have thousands of screens in our facility that
are used to create our designs

 Tire Cover Screen Drying

Freshly screen printed logos drying before next process

 Drying Screens

More Drying Screens

Tire Cover Sewing Room 

Our facility has many sewing machines which means
jobs for people in Michigan

 Tire Cover Sewing Tables

Sewing Machine


Elastic Sewing Machine

Quality Stitching 

A stich in time saves nine

more stitches

Sewing elastic

 Made in the USA Tire Cover Tag

Adding Made in the USA Tag

Christmas Time Orders

Morning orders ready to be bagged.

Sealing Tire Cover Bags

Sealing the poly bags with heat stamper

Tire Cover Shipping

Poly Bags are bagged again for protection and scanned for Fed-Ex to pickup


Tire Cover Grommets 

We now use grommets that have spurs to ensure
They stay in place.



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