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Bayed Up Hog Hunting Grill Cover

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Bayed Up Hog Hunting Grill Cover

Grill Cover with Bayed Up Hog Hunting

  • Made From Commercial Quality Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Double Buckle Clips or drawstring on bottom for a tight hold
  • Breathable Vinyl to Fight against Mold
  • UV Resistant Inks
  • Made in the USA

According to surveys taken by Texas A&M University, there are around 2.6 to 3.4 million feral pigs in Texas.  They cause around $400 million in property damage each year and degrade the habitat for native species.  There are roughly 750,000 hunted throughout Texas in 240 out of 254 counties.  The hunting of these invasive pigs helps create revenue throughout the state as well as food for those hunting.  


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