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Great White Shark Swimming Full BBQ Grill Cover

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Great White Shark Swimming Full Logo Grill Cover

The Great White Shark Grill Cover is very ominous.  Help bring your patio/deck/garage alive with this great white shark swimming grill cover.  Dont let this swim past you. Be Bold!

  • Made From Commercial Quality Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Double Buckle Clips or drawstring on bottom for a tight hold
  • Breathable Vinyl to Fight against Mold
  • UV Resistant Inks
  • Made in the USA

The Great White Shark, the Great White, white pointer, white shark and White Death have all been the names associated with this magnificent fish.  The Great White Shark can be found in all the major oceans in the coastal surface waters.  The waters all have temperatures ranging from 12 and 24 °C (54 and 75 °F).  The most dense populations of the Great White are off the coast of South Africa.  More specifically found around Dyer Island.  The sharks are known for their size and their on-screen terror.  Male Great Whites are smaller in size than its female counterparts.  Male Great white sharks take roughly 26 years to reach sexual maturity whereas the female great whites take 33 years to be ready to produce offspring.  The Great White can live to 70 plus years making it one of the longest living fish.  The Great White can swim up to speeds of 35 mph.  These are short bursts which are usually for catching prey. The Great White is a Carnivorous fish and feeds upon tuna, rays, sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, seal lions, and turtles.   


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