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Tyrannosaurus Rex Grill Cover

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Grill Cover

Grill Cover with Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur

  • Made From Commercial Quality Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Double Buckle Clips or drawstring on bottom for a tight hold
  • Breathable Vinyl to Fight against Mold
  • UV Resistant Inks
  • Made in the USA

The T-Rex Dinosaur Grill Cover! 

Probably the most well known dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus was one of the largest carnivores that ever lived.  They grew to be about 40 feet long and between 15 to 20 feet tall.  With its skull being so large, it has been predicted the T-Rex could eat up to 500 pounds of meat in one bite.  The T-Rex lived in the Cretaceous period in North America roughly 65 million years ago.  


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