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United States POW MIA BBQ Grill Cover

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United States POW MIA BBQ Grill Cover

United States POW MIA Logo.

  • Made From Commercial Quality Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Double Buckle Clips or drawstring on bottom for a tight hold
  • Breathable Vinyl to Fight against Mold
  • UV Resistant Inks
  • Made in the USA

Show your support for the U.S. POW (Prisoner of War) & MIA (Missing in Action) Veterans with our made in the U.S.A. BBQ Grill Cover.  Proudly displayed is the logo on Commercial Quality Marine Grade Vinyl.  

The National League of POW/MIA Families was established on May 28, 1970 to bring to light the numbers of Americans lost overseas that weren’t accounted for.  The abbreviations symbolize that those souls will not be forgotten.  Every American should understand what the symbol means and understand the story behind the logo.  Help spread the message of the POW and MIA Americans with our grill covers.


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